Troubleshooting Common Bulk Solids Handling Issues

Tue. October 31| 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM | 1A Meeting Rooms

While more than 70% of all products at least contain ingredients that are handled in bulk solid form at some point in the production process, even some of the most basic fundamentals of bulk material handling remain poorly-understood. This is largely because our education generally focuses on handling liquids and gases; bulk solids are typically not covered! Unfortunately, this lack of understanding and awareness often leads to numerous problems with bulk material handling that can significantly delay project startup, bottleneck production, increase labor requirements, adversely impact product quality, and potentially create unsafe working conditions. As an example, plant operators commonly hammer on hoppers to promote material flow, and often this technique is ineffective and creates a safety hazard. This presentation will focus on some of the most common material handling problems – i.e., flow stoppages, erratic flow, material non-uniformity, etc. – and will discuss proven and practical approaches to mitigate many of these issues.

Type: Best Practices & Technology Seminars

Cost: FREE to all registered Chem Show attendees

Seminar Topic(s): Optimizing process efficiency, Solutions to common processing problems

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Marion, Josh

Josh Marion

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